Sarah M. Chen Author Spotlight

Sarah M. Chen, author of Cleaning Up Finn, shares what inspired her to write her debut, her journey to publication, favorite resources and tons of other amazing advice for emerging writers.

S. E. Reed Author Spotlight

MY HEART IS HURTING, by S.E. Reed, chronicles Jinny Buffett, a white-trash teen with a Harvard-worthy IQ, who lives with her sex worker mostly absent mama. Thankfully, Jinny stumbles into a found family who push her to do the impossible, and rise up from the grip of her mama’s fake nails. (You’ll find the full…

Be Featured in Author Spotlight

Are you a querying or soon-to-be published author and would like the opportunity to be an Author Spotlight on my website? If so, send your query to with Author Spotlight in the Subject Line. I’ll select one author a month to feature. Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Benjamin Franklin

Dana Hawkins Author Spotlight

Dana Hawkins is the author of the sweet romance, SERVING LOVE, about a bubbly cafe server full of dad jokes and chocolate shakes who forgoes romantic relationships to provide stability for her autistic nephew she’s raising. All goes according to plan until a grumpy-but-cute new chef starts. Dana and I consulted on this novel because…