Why You Should and How To Make an Author Media Press Kit

Let’s be real. You chose to be an author because you have something to say. And it’s beyond the pages of your amazing fictional novel. You have a bigger message. Most authors do.

And yes, our first goal as authors is ultimately to entertain. But most of us share a collectively deeper one—to evoke change in our readers.

Creators of all types of media share that common goal. It’s what motivates us to create.

But the world can’t know about your message if you don’t share it. That’s where an Author Media Press Kit comes in.

What is an Author Media Press Kit?

An Author Media Press Kit is a resume of you as the author. It highlights your work as well as your areas of expertise. It’s a tool for you to use to book speaking engagements, media press coverage, podcast interviews, etc.

Why You Need an Author Media Press Kit

A Professional Aesthetic

An Author Media Press Kit sitting on your website gives you a professional aesthetic that will ultimately elevate your status as an author.

Highlights Your Area of Expertise

Every author brings expertise. In your Author Media Press Kit, you can expand on what you can bring to an audience.

Makes the Work of the Media Easier

Everyone is busy. If you can make the work of your potential journalists/media influencers easier then it’s more likely they will reach out.

What Information Should Be In Your Author Media Press Kit

Professional Headshot

If you don’t have one, get one. You don’t have to even hire a professional photographer. Most smartphones take great photos. Just take one that captures your personality and style while keeping a professional vibe.


Keep this relevant to how it relates to your books’ and areas of expertise.

Short Blurb(s) About Your Books(s)

You can use the body of your query if you aren’t published or the back of the book if you are. No spoilers!

Areas of Expertise

What helpful knowledge could you bring to an audience? Are you an expert in writing dialogue? Or perhaps your book’s central theme focuses on an important social issue you have experience in.

Contact Info

If you are putting this on your website, you may not want sensitive information such as your address and phone number. But you can add that information when you send it directly to media outlets.

Social Media Handles and Website

Don’t feel obligated to be on ALL social media platforms, just the ones you feel comfortable in. But you should have an author website.

Who to Send Your Author Media Press Kit To

Start Local

Libraries, local magazines, radio stations, books stores, writing organizations and educational institutions.

Niche Outlets

If you write SciFi reach out to SciFi fan clubs, magazines, podcasts, etc. With niche outlets, you often stand a better chance of standing out and booking a gig.

Broader Outlets

Once you’ve exhausted your local an niche outlets, and perhaps gotten some media experience under your belt, it’s time to hit a wider audience. Think anywhere from general writing podcats, to magazines to organizations that celebrate authors in all genres.

How to Create an Author Media Press Kit

Start with a Google search and look for styles you like. You can use a simple graphic design program such as Canva (which offers a free service), a more advanced graphic design program such as ADOBE, or even use a Word Doc. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Just simple and easy to read.

If you have more money, than time, consider hiring a graphic designer from a freelance site such as FIVERR or UPWORK.

One Final Note

Do not send un-personalized mass emails with your press kit attached. In the same way that you personalized your queries to agents and small presses, take a few sentences to say why are you sending your Author Press Kit to them. A little personalization goes a long way!

To see my Author Media Press Kit Click Here!

2 responses to “Why You Should and How To Make an Author Media Press Kit”

  1. Excellent article and list of things you need – the only other thing I always add in my press kits (at least on the media page I have on my website) is a list of the links to where I’ve already been interviewed – just helps future people who are sitting on the fence see you’re worth interviewing and they can go and read or listen if they want to.


    1. That’s an excellent idea. I mostly work with debut or querying authors, but should definitely add this to my information. Thank you for sharing!


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