Author(ish) Podcast Episode 04 – Interview with Young Adult Author S.E. Reed

In this episode, Amy and Dana interview author S.E. Reed.

S.E. has spent the last 20 years of her life moving around all five-regions of the United States which gives her a unique American perspective. Many of her pieces have a strong Southern theme, but she also dabbles in the strange, bizarre and fantastical.  

Her work has been featured by Wild Ink Publishing, Parhelion Lit, The Writer’s Workout, Tempered Rune’s Press and Survival Guide for the 21st Century. She has won several YA writing contests and actively participates as a delegate for YA Hub on Twitter. 

S.E. resides in Florida with her family– nestled between the swamps of the Everglades and the salt of the Atlantic Ocean. This summer she’ll be sitting in a lawn chair, working on her next novel and listening to EDM… (Ask her about her days as a DJ). Or she’ll be in the pool begging her kids not to get her hair wet. 

In this interview we discuss:

  • DJ Barbie’s experience as a rave DJ!
  • How a song inspired her upcoming debut, My Heart is Hurting.
  • How she uses pantsing to write the majority of her novels.
  • How she uses cut sheets/book for content that doesn’t make it into final and how those cuts can be used for inspiration for short stories.
  • How to drop the reader directly into a scene allowing them to connect the dots.
  • How to use writing competitions and anthology submissions to get your foot in the door to publishers.
  • How S.E. can write across multiple genres by staying within the same age range.
  • Why she likes writing young adult protagonists.
  • The importance of relationships within the writing community.
  • Why authors should and how to write short stories.
  • Where to submit them.
  • S.E.’s Number One Tip for Writers!

Below is the book trailer I made for S.E.’s book, My Heart is Hurting. Enjoy!

S.E.’s website

S.E.’s Wild Ink Author Page

Curiosity Never Killed the Writer

The Writer’s Workout

One response to “Author(ish) Podcast Episode 04 – Interview with Young Adult Author S.E. Reed”

  1. Love this
    Great interview! It’s interesting to hear about S.E. Reed’s unique American perspective and her tips for writing across multiple genres.
    Eamon O’Keeffe


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