5 Tips to Manifest Your Author Career

Manifestation is the conversion of thoughts into reality. Believing you will achieve your dreams and goals. Then taking the actions necessary to ignite them into existence. If you are a writer in the query trenches, it’s easy to get trapped in a negative mindset. Publishing is ripe with rejection. It’s no wonder so many authorsContinue reading “5 Tips to Manifest Your Author Career”

How to Use Facebook Groups for Beta Readers: Think Book-Flix!

Once the first full draft of my 2024 debut was complete, I knew I needed betas. But I had no idea how to approach them. Seventeen years in the making, a lot had changed since I first started this manuscript. Facebook was one of them. One of the FB groups I was in was forContinue reading “How to Use Facebook Groups for Beta Readers: Think Book-Flix!”

Querying Part 2: Query in Batches

Once you’ve poured over Twitter, Manuscript Wish List, Query Tracker, agent’s websites, and more, you’ve probably got a list somewhere from fifty to a hundred agents and small presses ranging from Perfect Fit to ones that say “Surprise me! I’m always looking for something new.” Before you get excited and cast your net wide, let’sContinue reading “Querying Part 2: Query in Batches”

Querying Part 1: Tools to Find Agents

My YA novel, WORTH IT, debuts in 2024. Querying was stressful. But I think the approach I used is what helped me to land my publishing deal and I’d like to share it with other querying authors in this multipart series. If you haven’t yet finished your query, please check out Query Master Class withContinue reading “Querying Part 1: Tools to Find Agents”

Why You Should Include Small Presses in Your To-Query List

If you are a querying author, chances are you’ve poured over agents’ manuscript wishlists, social media posts, and websites hoping to find perfect matches for your manuscript. And while that is what you should be doing, it’s not all you could be doing. A lot of querying authors overlook small presses in hopes of landingContinue reading “Why You Should Include Small Presses in Your To-Query List”

5 Ways to Locally Market Your Book Before It Launches

You did it! You got a publishing deal! The years of hard work paid off. But the work is far from over. You’ll likely go through several rounds of edits. Then the fun part—the cover design, layout, and production. During the pre-launch period, you’ll likely work with your publisher’s marketing team on promotion strategies. ButContinue reading “5 Ways to Locally Market Your Book Before It Launches”

The Story Behind the Story: What Inspired Me to Write WORTH IT

Three weeks ago, I signed a contract with Wild Ink Publishing. This very personal story has simmered in my mind since 2007. And while this novel is based on my real-life experiences as a pregnant teen in poverty, this is also my daughter’s story. I hope you enjoy the backstory of how WORTH IT wasContinue reading “The Story Behind the Story: What Inspired Me to Write WORTH IT”

A Day in My Autistic Life: If Mom Could Read My Mind

Thirty seconds left. I sprint through the Mushroom Kingdom. I must save Princess Peach. I smash Goombas and Koopas. I pound bricks and hoard coins. Resurrection comes at a price and I’m short. The ground rumbles. Bowser’s closing in. Behind two white clouds, a castle appears. I’m so close. A bridge. I miss. I don’tContinue reading “A Day in My Autistic Life: If Mom Could Read My Mind”

Sarah M. Chen Author Spotlight

Sarah M. Chen is a children’s author and award-winning short story writer. Her noir novella, Cleaning Up Finn was an Anthony finalist and IPPY Award winner. She’s the co-editor for several anthologies and her writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books and Hapa Mag, among others. About Cleaning Up Finn Cleaning up Finn: Life is a constant partyContinue reading “Sarah M. Chen Author Spotlight”

Why You Should Write Books You Know Will Be Banned

Before I entered the world of writing, I shared my love of reading with kids as a middle-school librarian. My principal said there were three places on our campus students ran to: the gym, the cafeteria, and my library. It was an honor to be the recipient of stampeding readers. Within my library walls, I’dContinue reading “Why You Should Write Books You Know Will Be Banned”