5 Tips to Manifest Your Author Career

Manifestation is the conversion of thoughts into reality. Believing you will achieve your dreams and goals. Then taking the actions necessary to ignite them into existence.

If you are a writer in the query trenches, it’s easy to get trapped in a negative mindset. Publishing is ripe with rejection. It’s no wonder so many authors turn to social media writing communities for empathy and support.

And I get it. I’ve been there.

But the second you give negative energy a concrete form, such as a Tweet or DM, you’ve created a neural pathway in your brain this memory is your lived reality. Self-worth tumbles and action toward goals screeches to a halt.

Fortunately, it also works the other way.

To geek out for a moment, in the scientific community, this phenomenon is known as the Law of Attraction. Mirror neurons, visualization, and intention impact your actions. This six-minute video is an excellent explanation. I recommend watching before you continue.

How To Manifest Your Author Career

Now that you know the neuroscience behind manifestation and the Law of Attraction, it makes sense, right? And don’t you want to do everything in your power to manifest your author career? Of course, you do. Now it’s time to take action.

Here are my top tips five tips to make it happen!

1. Instead of posting negative comments on social media about your writing or rejections, commit to only posting positive comments.

The words you use to describe your book or writing experience are, in that moment, your reality. The video above explains this in simple terms yet great detail. If you only take one idea from this blog, this one should be it. It takes no extra work, but you’ll reap much reward in protecting your positive mindset and prompting action toward your goals.

2. Instead of taking rejection as a negative, consider you are one step closer to getting an agent.

As difficult as it is when your dream agent passes on your manuscript, publishing is a business. Your product is not emotional to the agent. The more you can distance your emotions from it as well, the better off you’ll be. This takes intention (as described in the video). Then once you do land that publishing deal, emote away!

3. Make visuals of your book.

These will provide your brain with positive concrete memories which will in turn prompt you to act. That action could be completing the next revision, taking a writing course, or sending out the next batch of queries. (The opposite of creating negative concrete memories—the video explains this in detail). These are also excellent marketing tools for querying or debut authors.

The following examples are simply examples. You may choose to do them all, pick a few, or come up with some of your own ideas. The point is to create a variety of visuals across multiple mediums to provide our neurons lots of positive traffic flow.

  • Book CoverCanva is a simple-to-use program that includes templates for making graphics such as book covers. It’s my go-to for all things visual. You can also Google Book Cover Maker. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Just an image with your name on it that helps you feel your book is real. Because it is!
  • Build a Website – Explore platforms such as WordPress or Wix for themes you like. You can try them out for free. Start with something super simple. You can check out Why You Need an Author Website Even if Your Book Isn’t Published Yet and How to Get Started for more detailed tips on building a website. This will elevate your feelings of author legitimacy as well as provide a place for you to point agents, editors, publishers, readers, etc. to get to know more about you.
  • Book Trailers – When I go to a theater, the trailers are my favorite part and I want to see all the new movies! The same is true for Book Trailers. They give you another visual validation for your work as well as excite readers. You can check out 3 Reasons You Need to Make a Trailer for Your Querying or Soon-To-Be Released Novel and How to Make It for more detailed tips on creating a book trailer. Below is the trailer I made for my book as an example.
  • Make Bookmarks – This sounds so simple, but imagine opening up your evening read and YOUR bookmark is tucked inside. Instant mood lift! Additionally, you can drop them off at libraries. Put a quote from your book or an illustration that represents it on one side, then your contact info and website on the other.
  • Instagram – Consider creating an Instagram for your book since IG is a visual-driven platform . The goal isn’t to gain tons of followers (but that would be nice). But rather for you to have a place to create book-related visuals, such as images of what you think your characters would look like, quotes from your manuscript, writing milestones, etc. You can check out my book IG . I’ve selected colors that feel like my book. When I post to it, it’s for me, but one day it may turn into a nice marketing tool to connect with readers and Bookstagrammers.
  • Mood Boards – Mood boards are digital or physical collages of your main characters, settings, objects, etc that represent your book. I like to make a mood board early on to help me visualize my story. Canva to the rescue again! Print them out and hang them near where you write. Pin them on your social media. It’s just yet another way to manifest your book’s reality!

4. Don’t be shy about calling yourself an author.

Even if you don’t have a publishing deal, you’ve written a book—you are an author! Imposter syndrome will creep in, and when it does look at all the visuals above that represent your book(s) and those feelings shouldn’t last long.

5. Be Kind to Yourself.

With all this positive energy and visuals floating around, you’ll still have down days. Sometimes those rejections will sting and sometimes a beta reader’s comments might hurt.

Acknowledge those feelings without breathing life into them. Do something non-writing, that makes you feel better. Meditate. Take a walk. Take a warm bath. Watch a favorite movie. Play a favorite board game. Whatever THE thing is that brings you joy, do that thing until the negative feelings subside. Then get back to it!

Within you is the divine ability to manifest and attract all that you desire.

Wayne w. Dyer

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